some things on my mind…

driving home tonight, it occurred to me that gas went down in price about 3 weeks ago, to a point that was lower than it had been in quite some time… months, maybe.  about a week after that, it went up 8 cents at the closest gas station to me, and then in the past […]

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we stood around and stared.  no one wanted to leave.  no one wanted to stay.  we didn’t want to part company, but we knew we couldn’t stay around forever.  we all know our limits and when we have a free minute we maximize it.  we live on the edge and we test that every time […]

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I’m a girl trying to figure out life, what I want, and how I want it.  I don’t think blogs are the be all to end all to any existence and this is mainly just a place to spew out thoughts that I have either hashed and rehashed with my friends, or just shit that comes to mind at a time when I can’t or don’t want to talk about it with other people.

I am a girlfriend, a lover, a daughter, a friend, an activist, a confidante, a live music lover, an artist, and an independent thinker.  I am a true Southerner and very proud of my past.  My family is filled with amazing artists and forward thinkers and incredibly brilliant humans who have taught me my insanely dry sarcasm and wit.  I am gentle but firm, opinionated but funny, and I love a good joke as much as a really bad joke.

I love to laugh as much as I love music and I think both are very inter-related and are the vibrations from which life forms and exists.