some things on my mind…

driving home tonight, it occurred to me that gas went down in price about 3 weeks ago, to a point that was lower than it had been in quite some time… months, maybe.  about a week after that, it went up 8 cents at the closest gas station to me, and then in the past week it came down again 4 cents.  now, i understand speculation, and investors that are just living off of the profits of speculating… well, i understand enough to know that’s what drives the price typically.  that and what someone out there calls “demand”.  however, i also understand enough about profiteering to question how these fluctuations are anything other than market driven, and basically someone pulling our collective chain.  face it we are slaves to the stuff in most areas of the US, and in a lot of areas of the world.  i know that prices are more expensive near me because i live intown and there are apparently “taxes” and higher demands, but the difference is usually 2-5 cents, so whatever, it’s convenient.

i raised the question on a social media site months ago – spring or beginning of summer when prices started to spike – why aren’t people protesting that?  why aren’t people questioning that?  most of the strife in the world is because of oil, a lot of strife is because of greed, and both are very intertwined.  yes, ideally, we should all go green and start using the resources that surround us.  realistically, most can’t afford that technology yet… not to mention the resources are not being converted into a usable fashion in most areas.  so again, why are we not protesting?  i feel certain that we could make a change with that.  it would be one of the most direct hits possible.  not just sitting in a park, actually going through the BS of renaming the park, and risk getting pepper sprayed… we could actually cause the effect.  maybe not.  well, obviously not.

so, while thinking all of this on the drive, i also realized that my conspiracy friends got something right… completely right, in fact.  the bill that was passed around thanksgiving that basically killed all our known rights as citizens of the US, and allows for anyone to be arrested for any reason and put in jail without a trial passed.  now, folks are finding out and preaching about the fact that there are large facilities… some call them f em a camps, and they’re “scared”.  interestingly, i found about these places 3 or 4 years ago from a friend who, while i respected his opinion, and listened to what he said, really was crying out like chicken little.  well, damn.  sorry kj.  i had a hard time wrapping my head around this concept, though i knew that mostly our rights had been taken with the pat rio t act, and knew a lot  more than most in that regard.  but here we are… quite possibly on the verge of being rounded up and housed in large buildings in the middle of army bases.

now, i’m not all that paranoid.  i don’t think it’ll happen to me or any of my friends any time soon, and certainly for no reason, but it’s there.  couple that with the economy, lack of jobs, lack of basic needs being met in higher numbers than they ever have been, and what happens?  r.i.o.t.s.  that’s what.  we’re in for a ride and we have no rights.  at the very least, most of europe is socialist and people have healthcare rights.  why can’t we just have that here?  something’s gonna have to give.


well, that’s it for now!  not so cheery, just things on my mind in the middle of the night.  peace!


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