life as i know it… at least right now.

Well, here I am on another rainy Thursday… the only difference?  It’s cold.  52 degrees in fact.  That’s the coldest it’s been in probably 5 or 6 months.  The summer veggie garden is over, I may plant some leafy greens – turnips, collards, etc, but I am not feeling all that committed to it right now.  Pansies are planted, the Michalmas Daisies are still blooming, but are seceding into letting the leaves of hardwoods take the show, then the sasanquas, then the camelias, then the year starts all over again.

And where am I?  Right here.  Still unemployed after my contract job ended 6 months ago, and a couple of failed attempts at sales jobs that were only slightly short of scams.  Starting to feel the “loser” effect on this whole unemployed thing. But at the same time it’s making me reach out to anyone and everyone to discuss what I can do and what they may know of and ask for solicited advice… I think my beautiful friends know me well enough that I don’t dig unsolicited advice unless they happen to see me tip-toeing on the ledge of a 15 story roof and think I may need reminding on what I’m doing.  Thankfully, I’m not usually that type of person… only every once in a while. 🙂  So, I’m reaching out to my inner-circle, and the next level and the level after that of friends.  Not that I class you people, I don’t.  But clearly, there are some of you with whom I speak every day, every week, once or twice a month, etc… and there are some of you that I rarely see or hear from, and that’s ok too!  I still think very highly of you… well, ok, most of you!  What?  gotta keep you on your toes!  😉

Anyway, so here’s what I’ve come up with:  be self-employed… actually have 2 ideas for businesses, or keep on looking and fruitlessly (or so it seems) applying to jobs.  I love the idea of being self-employed, but being that my specialty and 12 year focus has been Marketing, I also have very strong feelings towards working in a partnership…and I suppose that I could do that with my clients as that’s what a consultant does, or so I’ve witnessed in the past.  But again, there’s the whole risk factor, and giving up your life as you know it so you can network and get business and deal with cut-throats and whatever else you get.  Signing up for endless “societies” and “associations” and whatnot.  I guess it’s what I need to do anyway, and who knows perhaps I’ll actually find business that way but in the end, really what I want to do is spend half my time in a beautiful mountain meadow and the other half in a hammock on a beach… preferably with my sweet love.  Though I think he’d not really go for the mountain meadow.  Can’t blame him… I want to herd a couple of sheep and make wool to be spun into yarn, which sounds beyond ridiculous as I’ve never even done anything but pet a sheep when I was younger.  But it sounds fun.  I can even see the flowering trees that would line my winding lane from the blacktop to my cute little bungalow (oh, and don’t forget the babbling brook… have to have one of those!).  Yeah, yay for daydreams.  Perhaps that’s where  my problem is in the first place.  I have an awesome imagination and absolutely no desire to work.  well, that’s not completely true.  I do want to work towards the greater good, which is why this marketing consultant thing is really piquing my interest.  Yeah, how about that for bringing the rant back to home?  Anyway, I am putting forth a hugely concerted effort into the thought of this with exactly how I want to focus, who I want to help, and what I want to do with my services.  I am going to actively read what I can and what is suggested to me by folks that I think know what they’re talking about in regards to marketing, perhaps even conscientious marketing, mkt consulting, and environmental marketing, among some others that have been recommended to me.  Perhaps I’ll even write reviews of what I get my hands on in this here blog thingy.

The fruitless job search is just that. I find jobs every day that I can do and am qualified for… and by qualified, I mean either I am over-qualified times 10, or I have the right qualifications or there may be a couple of challenges, but I’m certain I can do the job.  I never go after something I have no business going after.  I’m already wasting enough time trying to find a job, why go for something I have no chance of?  Yeah, so anyway, the part I’m struggling with all the time now is a damn cover letter.  I really want to show myself off, and can do so verbally, but to put it into words and tailor it for each and every single job is a hard, pain in the ass thing to do.  It’s the thing that is discouraging me the most and making me hold back the most.  Oy… what to do what to do.

If y’all have any suggestions, either for reading, new businesses, writing a good cover letter template, or most especially if you have a job, let me know!

Until then, go out and see live music, hold the ones you love close and tell them you love them every chance you get, and really, if you know of anyone hiring, tell them to hire me!!!  <LOVE>


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