new layout…

Hey there everyone!

I’m trying a new layout as you can tell… I enjoyed that brown one with flowers and such, but could not figure out how to change the widths of the columns which were supposed to be flexible.  As you can see, I have a few pictures scattered around that are large – only because I want them to be – but that old format would cut them off.  Granted, it allowed for a large picture, just not large enough.

This new layout allows the pictures to be big, even though you do have to scroll over, but I LOVE the contrast of the pics on the black background.  I really do like my camera a lot – even though it’s a dinosaur by industry standards.  It’s 5.5 years old!  I think the only thing I’m unsure of is the menu on the front page and the “about me” explanation being out in the open… makes me feel more exposed, though I haven’t figured out if I feel too exposed.

Let me know what you think, if you have an opinion.  Or if you have a free layout source that’s comparable or a suggestion of a better background in the “free” section of wordpress, let me know as well!

Lots of things happening in the garden, but that will have to wait til tomorrow or the next day.  I’m starting a new job – again – tomorrow.  This job thing has been quite ellusive this past year.  Part of that time was because I was on an intentional break.  The other time, not so much.  It’s been a source of frustration, depression, craziness (more than usual), sadness, and confusion.  Not to mention all the self-worth questions that pop up.  I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start some kind of job seeker support group at this point… God knows I have heard all of the cheers, advice, questions, criticisms, love infused outporings to sustain me for a very long time.  I appreciate everyone that has been a part of that cheering crowd, really I do.  But you guys that know me personally know where I’m coming from.  What’s been hard to watch, more than anything really, is so many of my other friends who have lost their jobs.  At one point, I also thought about offering up a soup kitchen for my friends… still think something along those lines may be in store.  Not really a soup kitchen of course, but a small-community owned cafe.  Everyone involved pitches in, knows all aspects of the business, and shares in the wealth… which in reality would be small… but I think there’s got to be a way to be successful at it.  Involve music in the evening, and wow!  There’s a successful combination in there somewhere I just know it.

Alright, back to reading my training manual.  If you live in the Atlanta area, work for a company that has a water cooler, then get in touch with me – I can probably help you save money.  This seems to be the most inocuous way to start networking for my new job, so why not try?  Thanks for the time!

Cheers Y’all!



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